Joêl choreographs using breaking technique in an emotively driven way whilst not shying away from his other influences and experiences in theatre and Contemporary dance, aspiring to make coherant work that has a dialogue with the audience and is true to the commission, collaboration or project's vision. Layering the elements involved until it feels like a perfect space in time. He has choreographed a school of human birds from the comical to the elegant (Cinderella: A fairy Tale), he has choreographed thunderous laughter from kids and parents a like (Boing!), he has choreographed emotive and narrative driven movement on both film, site specific and Stage (White Caps), he has choreographed on professionals, actors, the young and the disenfranchised. His experience in choreography has made him very versatile, making it hard to hold down his choreographic style, he is currently on a journey to refine and pin down his own work of which took a jump in evolution with his recent research and development project Burden.


Joêl enjoys those moments of stillness that pulls the audience towards you and then giving a whisper or explosion, in a medley of physical dialogue, keeping them engaged in his imagination, feeling and physical emotion. He has an eclectic performance range from Dance Theatre and film like White Caps, then to young peoples dance theatre such as How Cold My Toes and site specific performance. Enjoying the finite challenge, vision and direction each project brings. Always up for engaging new audiences he has performed and toured to India, Canada, Europe and the UK. In his element collaborating and within devised work but enjoying all modes of creation and bringing an infectious enthusiasm and drive to the team.


Joêl is passionate about the empowerment of Hip Hop, presently it is such a prominent part of everyones but especially young peoples lives. Breaking one of the pillars of Hip Hop culture, offers space for an individuals voice and self-identity within a social movement that is for all, no labels required it is the vocabulary of breaking that brings down barriers and can create a wider social impact.

"They all have something in common that they love. It gets past the stereotypes and people hating each other because of those stereotypes" Clive Cambel (Dj Kool Herc)

Its ability to embrace individual expression and its engagement with inclusivity works towards empowerment through building confidence, social cohesion, motivation, self worth and responsibility which can help to give a wider understanding and dialogue to life, community and education setting. All reasons that it can also engage with young people and become a journey that brings accessibility to more formal dance forms within education.

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