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Boing poster - Travelling Light Theatre

Boing! (2010-2018)

Choreographer / Performer

An early year's piece produced by Traveling Light Theater and the Bristol Old Vic, Directed by Sally Cookson and created in association with Champloo Dance Company. The show performed and toured for four years and parents still email to ask if it will be showing again, Joêl is very proud of his part in Boing! Its not to often you get to go back to being a sugar crazed annoying younger brother so he took to the task vehemently.

The piece was also chosen to showcase as part of British Dance Edition 2012, a prestigious, biennial showcase, alongside White Caps (see below).

Creative team: Directed by Sally Cookson, Written By Mike Akers, Music by Alex Vann, Design by Katie Sykes, Puppetry Guidance by Chris Pirie, Choreographed by Joêl Daniel & Wilkie Branson, Performed by Joêl Daniel & Wilkie Branson.

2018 The A.S.K. Shanghai (15 January - 4 February)

2017 Unicorn Theatre (22nd November - 31st December)

2016 Unicorn Theatre

2013 Déda, The Point, Gala Theatre, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Sherman Theatre, Taliesin Arts Centre, Exeter Northcott Theatre, Wyeside Arts, Lakeside Arts Centre, Z-Arts, The Boo, Brewery Arts Centre, Tacchi Morris Arts Centre, Pavillion Dance, Saddler's Wells

2012 Stratford Circus (British Dance Edition), Sadler's Wells & Pavilion Dance

2011 Sadlers Wells

2010 Bristol Old Vic

"...rumbustious, exhilarating dance theatre..." **** The Guardian, Maddy Costa

Photography Credit: © Farrows Creative

Surface Area Dance Theatre

Surface Area Dance Theatre: 10 Year Anniversary (2017)


In June 2007 Surface Area Dance Theatre was officially incorporated as a Community Interest Company; to mark this special occasion the company presented an evening of work in celebration of their 10th Anniversary.

Highlighted performances included:

  • An excerpt of Auricular performed by Paul Miller. Auricular returns to the region after touring to CCA: Glasgow, Gymnasium Gallery Berwick and Turner Contemporary.
  • The staging of Project Godie by Vangeline, Director of the New York Butoh Institute.
  • The reimagining of Nullius (2008) choreographed and performed by founding dance artists Joêl Daniel and Molly Procter.

  • Graphic and Design by Yorgo Maraziotis: All rights reserved.

    Eclipse Poster

    Eclipse (2017)

    Choreographer/Movement Director

    Eclipse is an authentic, moving and witty play on gender identity in the challenging, beautiful and inspiring world of being young and figuring out who you want to be.

    Inspired by conversations on gender and identity with young people at Creative Youth Network, Bristol playwright Alice Nicholas brings to you this thought provoking visual tapestry of the intimate internal space we all inhabit. With live music and dance, Eclipse will be a powerful force which will move you and make you think of identity in a new light.

    Creative Team: Directed by Stephanie Kempson, Written by Alice Nicholas, Sound by Alex Lupo, Designed by Ali McDowall, Movement by Joêl Daniel

    Photo & Video credit :

    Pulling Out

    Pulling Out (2016 & 2017)

    Movement Director

    Award-winning Documental Theatre presents a new play inspired by candid conversations with teenage dads, and a spirited look at unplanned parenthood from the male perspective.

    Leo's seventeen. He's got college, a decent right-swipe-rate on Tinder and a new-born. He's sterilising formula and saving for Pampers over own-brand, because of the more reliable gusset don't you know. He wants to go the distance as a dad. That's if his baby's mum, her mum, his mum, his step dads or her step dad will let him…Those nans and grandads all want a piece of the pie. So “pulling out" didn't work too well as contraception, but is it his best bet now?

    Creative Team: Directed by Stephanie Kempson, Written by Lucinda Bell, Composed by Jack Drewry, Movement by Joel Daniel

    Cinderella: A Fairy Tale, Travelling Light Theatre - Tobacco Factory Theatre - Sally Cookson

    Cinderella: A Fairy Tale (2011-2016)

    Choreographer / Movement Director

    Working as part of a creative team that devised this work led by Sally, Joêl worked in collaboration with actors, puppeteers, set designers, composers, dramaturges to create unique choreography that has a synergy with the work and devise sequences and movements for characterization that often requires actors to become animals, elements or unique attributes e.g. actors dancing with the character of birds, whilst maintaining fusion with the work.

    Produced between Tobacco Factory Theatre (TFT) and Traveling Light Theatre, Directed by Sally Cookson. Cinderella reached record breaking sales for its christmas debut at TFT and was nominated for an Olivier Award 2013 for best entertainment and family. And received an Off West End Award for best production for young people in 2014.

    masses of movement and dance made all the better by having choreographer Joêl Daniel on board" Rina Vergano, Venue.

    Original Creative Team: Directed by Sally Cookson, Written By Adam Peck, Music by Benji Bower, Design by Katie Sykes, Puppetry by Chris Pirie, Lighting Design by Matt Graham, Sound Design by Jon Everett, Choreography & Movement by Joêl Daniel, Ella – Lisa Kerr, Prince – Thomas Eccleshare, Step Mother – Craig Edwards, Step Sister – Lucy Tuck, Step Brother – Saikat Ahamed, Musicians – Will & Benji Bower

    Performace Photography Credit: © Farrows Creative

    The Dance We Made (2016)


    Momentos Poster, Third Stage

    Momentos (2016)


    How do we say goodbye to those we've lost?

    3rd Stage Dance Company presents Mementos – The Journey, a visually gripping exploration of a subject that is often considered taboo. The dancers explore and understand the insight of how different cultures process losing those close to them, and how death features as a key chapter in one's life.

    An evening of thought and divine movement, questioning what happens when we die, and how it feels to celebrate. From the dark, through to the light, this ambitious dance searches the spaces from the negatives to the positives. An explosion of a cultural journey, guided through touching music produced by the Bower Brothers and led by movement technique close to it's classical roots.

    A journey of life, loss, love and uplifting celebration.

    Momentos Part 1, Choreographed by: Polly Robertson

    Momentos Part 2, Choreographed by: Anna Highway

    Momentos Part 3, Choreographed by: Helen Wilson

    Burden: Research & Development (2015)


    Creative Team: Choreography by Joêl Daniel, Dramaturgy by Adam Peck, Music by Jack Drewry, Film & Projection by Jack Offord...

    How cold my toes poster, Travelling Light Theatre, Bristol Old Vic

    How Cold My Toes (2009 & 2014)

    Choreographer / Performer

    How Cold My Toes was the first project Joêl worked on with Travelling Light Theatre back in 2009 as one half of Champloo. The team worked hard and laughed even harder under the talented and experienced eye of Sally Cookson and the comforting arms of TLT. It was a great experience to work from a theatrically devised perspective. The hilarious Lucy Tuck and wonderful Laura Street went on to perform this show for 7 months and the show was received very well by young eyes all over the UK.

    …beautifully mediated through Peter Judge's score and Champloo's choreography…" **** The Gaurdian, Lyn Gardner

    In 2014 the team got back together where Joêl would not only choreograph but also perform his interpretation of Lucy Tuck's mischief making character, and it was not long before the inner clown was set loose. Revisiting this piece and our take on "serious play" whilst exploring the seasons was a nostalgic and humorous joy as generally any experience Joêl has had with Travelling Light Theatre and Cookson has been, the tour reached 5,418 giggling children and parents.

    one which entrances with a delightful combination of dance choreographed by Daniel" Bristol Culture

    Creative Team: Directed by Sally Cookson, Dramaturgy by Mike Akers, Design by Katie Sykes, Music by Pete Judge, Choreography by Joêl Daniel,

    Photography Credit: © Farrows Creative

    Breaking/Kathak, Research & Development (2013 & 2014)

    Choreographer / Performer

    This project was spearheaded by Neha Jaiswar in conjunction with the British Council India. Two UK choreographers to collaborate with two choreographers from India, giving the intial impetus to form a common language between breaking and Kathak.

    Joêl worked over two 3 week RND's in India but the creation phase has for the foreseeable future has been suspended. It was a great experience to work first with Rhythmosaic of Kolkata (Phase 1) and Attakalari of Bangalore (Phase 2) where the heat was something else, left with fond memories of working with Hemabharathy Palani, Anindita Ghosh,Wilkie Branson, Jayachandran Palazhy and sugar cane juice with ginger.

    Photo credit: © Chhandak Pradhan

    White Caps, Wilkie Branson, Joel Daniel Champloo Dance Company - Bristol Old Vic

    White Caps (2010-2013)

    Co-choreographer / Performer

    Where to even begin... in short a live duet interlaced with film that took 9months to make, bare foot dancing in forest environments in December, trudging through snow at six in the morning to choreograph, a couple of hyperthermia experiences, climbed a mountain…twice but only filmed the second time as the team got rained off the first, filmed everything…twice, made our own film equipment with rule of thumb “measure once hammer it twice and if that doesn't work there is always the hacksaw" needless to say Joêl learnt alot during this epic journey and once again a big thank you to all the friends and supporters that helped in making and producing White Caps it really would not have been possible without you all.

    A memory that sticks out was performing on an open air stage in India to a ton of people who could see us on a screen relay and then realized it was live and and rushed over to watch and Neha thinking we had found the ever elusive snake charmer to find it was a magician and a rubber snake.

    Directed by Wilkie Branson 'White Caps' is a piece of dance theatre that uses both live dance and film seamlessly, a debut for Champloo's first live piece and its unique choreographic style that utilises breaking technique to veer away from preconceptions of urban dance.

    “…a gripping and magical journey through the dance of life" Elisabeth Mahoney, The Guardian.

    2013 India tour as part of Impulse festival with the British Council India

    2012 British Dance Edition, Run at … in Canada, European tour

    2011 Bristol Old Vic, International Tour, including Teatro das Figuras, Chassé Theater, Saddlers Wells

    2010 Bristol Old Vic

    Peter Pan, Sally Cookson, Bristol Old Vic

    Peter Pan (2012)

    Choreographer / Movement Director

    Bristol Old Vic on the show:

    When the leader of the Lost Boys, the fleet-footed Peter Pan, loses his shadow during a visit to London, kind-hearted Wendy helps him re-attach it and is invited back to Neverland in return - where Tinker Bell the fairy, Princess Tiger Lily and, of course, the vengeful Captain Hook await. Director Sally Cookson explores the pain and possibilities of growing up, set to live music and a riot of colour, magic and merry mischief to fill the hearts of everyone this Christmas.

    Returning to the Sally Cookson team Joêl worked on a quirky dance piece for mermaids and movement direction, a really challenging and fun experience.

    "Explores the play's melancholia in exhiliratingly subversive fashion." *****The Times

    " evening of extraordinary richness, humour, energy and emotion." *****Whatsonstage

    "Strange, witty, wonderful..." *****The Telegraph

    Creative Team: Directed by Sally Cookson, Music by The Bower Brothers, Design by Katie Sykes, Choreography & Movement Direction by Joêl Daniel,

    Photography Credit: © Mark Douet

    Ali baba and the forty thieves, Travelling Light Theatre, Tobacco Factory Theatre, Sally Cookson

    Ali Baba and The Forty Thieves (2009)

    Choreography / Movement Director

    Tobacco Factory Theatre on Ali Baba:

    Once there lived two brothers. For the good-hearted Ali Baba, a poverty stricken wood-cutter, life is all toil and hardship. But for the proud Kasim, married to a Merchant's daughter and as rich as trees are rich in leaves, life is easy. The two brothers are alike as chalk and cheese.

    Then, quite by accident, Ali discovers a secret and from then on life for the two brothers will never be the same again… Money, contract killers, heroic servants and disobedient donkeys take this a long way from a tale of everyday family life.

    In a brand new re-telling of this much-loved folk tale the creative team behind The Ugly Duckling bring their imagination and inimitable style to depict a unique and magical world that is rooted in the cultures of ancient Persia, India and Arabia.

    Joêl worked as a choreographer and movement director for this piece, working in a devised way with the team.

    "A terrific family night out that willl have everyone leaving the theatre with a skip in their step" The Guardian

    "Deliciously entertaining Xmas family fare" Venue

    Photography Credit: © Farrows Creative