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Ugly Duckling (2015)

Choreographer/Movement Director

Champloo Roots

Champloo Roots (2013)

A three, week hurricane of dance for NEET young people to learn skills in all aspects of dance and to experience supported empowerment. When Joêl envisioned the project he really wanted to deliver on a quality of journey rather than an end goal by loosing the distraction of trying to make a performance perfect. He was able to impart a strong foundation of what it means to have technique, performance and choreography all with a strong emphasis on individuality. Even though the project logistically was incredibly hard Joêl learnt bucket loads form that hardship and beyond that he felt in a very privileged place to watch the participants grow so quickly as people and dancers it made up for it a billion fold.

“I have always struggled so much with my self belief and confidence and every one has been so supportive, I am not going to cry…and yeah its like wow. Totally life changing, I have learnt so much, not only about my self and things but all the techniques. I have never done this before and I have never actually put my self out like that before, yeah thank you so much everyone..."

“I feel quite respected here and i think thats quite unusual each of us are being nourished and respected"

Champloo Roots will be returning in the near future in a new form, if you have an interest to partner, support or get involved in this kind of project please get in touch.

Thanks to; Kamina Walton, Mel Scaffold (Theatre Birstol), Emma Jane Benning (Theatre Bristol), Tameka, John Retallack, Sian Henderson, Katy Knoakes.

Supported By Bristol Old Vic, Darkin Ensemble, Bristol City Council, Arts Council England.

Photo Cedit: © Kamina Walton

Truth About Youth, Bristol Old Vic

Truth About Youth 2013

Shifting Voices was an exploration of communication and the barriers that can come between us. Through dance and text, voice and sign, we show how language can both divide and unite us.

Truth about Youth is The Co-opertive Foundations project in Bristol being run in partnership with the princes trust. It aims to challenge and change the widespread negative perceptions of young people.

Pictures at an exhibition - Bristol Old Vic Young Company - John Retallack

Pictures At An Exhibition (2012)

Theatre Bristol on Pictures At An Exhibition; Bristol Old Vic Young Company has been working with John Retallack and Champloo Dance Company to devise Pictures At An Exhibition. The group of 16-25 year olds has created a show which interrogates our consumption and responses to photographs of the world today. Here, Alex Davey, one of the Young Company cast members, reveals what it's like to be part of such a process...

Perhaps of any of the devising methods, physicality and movement were the hardest ways. We were not all professional dancers, and dance is not easily crossed with theatre, however with training form Joêl Daniel (choreographer and co-director of Champloo Dance Company) we found our own way of expressing and exploring the images through out the process. That creative control handed to us, was an important part of John Retallack's idea for the piece: the creative team was on hand there to guide and facilitate, but we were the driving force and the genesis behind every word, sound and movement in the show. As further testament to Joel, he was fully responsive to our limitations, but only so we could push against them and work beyond our boundaries.

Photography Credit: © Paul Blakemore

Truth About Youth 2011 & 2012

Our Truth About Youth programme funds charitable projects that enable young people to challenge and change negative perceptions about their age group.

As part of our three year commitment, we are helping to bring about a cultural shift in the way that young people are viewed and treated in this country.

2012 - Youth to Youth

A devised piece with the participants of the project where they could choose to work with all or one aspect of the team, Dance, Theatre, Music and Set Design. Talking to an older demographic of local residents and groups we recorded some of there experinces and used those recordings to make a collection of Verbatim performances that culminated into a reflection of similarities and difference between generations.

2011 - Puppet People

A devised piece with the participants of the project where they could choose to work with all or one aspect of the team, Dance, Theatre, Music and Set Design. Culminating in a free performance for local residents and the wider theatre community.

Photography Credit: © Travelling Light Theatre

Champloo Youth Crew (2008-2012)

When Joêl returned to Bristol from The Northern School of Contemporary Dance and in fact from the moment he left Bristol there was a passion to help dance in Bristol thrive, coupled with his passion for youth empowerment. Champloo Youth Crew was born, Joêl has a library of good memories from creating and running the youth crew it was both inspiring and rewarding.

The youth company met once a week for two hours, quick to become four and often more. As the members grew from 4 to 20 at our peak intake with ages ranging from 5 – 16. Passion the only requirement for joining, we concentrated heavily on technique for a long time and made sure new members got up to speed as quickly as possible by encouraging peer lead learning. We always ended the session with in house battles. A heavy focus of the crew was to make sure they were always seeking to find there voice through dance, encouraging the company to train with the wider breaking community in Bristol and the UK.

  • Crooked Chi

Created by Will Pegna and Izaak Brandt when they were…and with a great trust, support and input from the rest of the crew, whilst I mentored the process they really did do all the heavy lifting. This show made CYC the first Bristol youth dance company to get to the final performance of Youth Dance England 2010.

  • In house Battles

The moments you see growth, passion, individuality, laughing, smiling, empowerment, buckets of potential, achievement. Will always be good times.

  • Adventures in performance and Battles

Champloo Youth Crew also ventured out of Bristol for battles and performances in other cities, always a fun journey with the ever rambunctious company members.

Lastly moments like Ted's old man face and when Will read his bike into the Faithspace kitchen and fell over (he was fine and so was the kitchen) by the end we were more extended family than teacher and pupil.

My thanks for help with the youth crew to: Sarah at Faithspace, Wilkie Branson, Angeler Crawley, Katy Knoakes, Youth Opportunities and all the company members Families

Photography Credit: © Champloo Dance Company